Bold Ink Drawings…

I started doing these bold ink drawings a few years ago with a class I took with Carla Sonheim,

it was fascinating how one can break the ice (fear) of the blank page!
And how new ideas and concepts come about, as this “Personitas” series (little people)

♥  ♥

Once again, I have committed to the #The100DayProject2019 on IG, which started on April 2nd.
Here is more info.

Bold Ink drawing by Lisa RivasWe are now on day 19, you can follow me here: #100daysofboldink
I did start ahead so to have a bit of a back up in the posting and I’m not planning on doing 100 consecutive days, that is too difficult! Plus…

…my observations on this challenge is that you do discover a lot about your style,
but you stop being authentic and motivated after about 65 to 80 days in the project.
It also takes over your life and affects your true flow, it becomes a numbers game.

The little people must be sacred to the big ones,
and it is from the rights of the weak that the duty of the strong is comprised.
~Victor Hugo